Shao Lin's Road (The Edge, 1986)

    Core changes

    • [Critical] Fixed collision routines hanging
    • Improved 128K/AY detection
    • Keyboard controls changed to 'Q, A, O, P, Space'
    • Control choice is preserved between games


    • Fixed inverted sprites on levels 2-5, 7-10
    • Minor tile/sprite tweaks to accomodate for this change
    • Added the missing upper line on levels 5, 10

    Changes to player-enemy collision behavior

    • Player is always pushed away from enemies, is only turned back during a horizontal jump
    • Enemies always turn back from the player
    • The pushback distance is reduced by 1/4

    Other gameplay fixes

    • Fixed getting hit from the other side when standing close to the horizontal boundaries
    • Fixed the 'orbiting sparkle' glitching against the sides of the playfield
    • Fixed attribute corruption on level 6 and after defeating a boss character
    • Fixed a few problems with weapons and power-up items disappearing early
    • Added immunity to hits while possessing the 'orbiting sparkle'
    • Less phantom hits with bonus weapons

    Known bugs and problems

    1. Collision detection is bad.
    2. Unable to fire projectiles when close to horizontal boundaries of the playfield.
    3. Power-up items get insta-picked if the bonus enemy is hit right at the end of an attack.
    4. Unable to pick up power-ups in the middle of an attack.
    5. [Rare] Defeating all opponents doesn't end the level.