Steel Eagle (Players Premier, 1990)

  • Player-background collision test method changed
  • Player and enemy bullet hitboxes adjusted
  • Lifted the restriction to moving right
  • [Arcade] Bonus life each 100,000 points
  • Custom beeper sound module, used on machines lacking an AY chip
  • Fixed AY music channels playing out of sync under certain conditions
  • Fixed the AY effect routine replaying an old sound effect after respawn
  • 48K+AY effects support 
  • Fixed shimmering background artefacts on levels 3, 4
  • Added Pentagon timings option, .TRD version only
  • Other minor fixes
  • Changed Sinclair 12345 to Sinclair 67890 (via Slider)
  • Fixed hanging when firing the lasers close to the right edge of the screen (via AER)